Re-enter the Half Life Universe and revisit City 17 in the time before Freeman, in this fan made single-player mod. The Resistance is threatened by a decisive Combine assault, and as a wanted Resistance member you will need to fight to escape from the Combine's clutch. At the same time, a mysterious force is working towards ends unknown...


Patrick Murphy
Project Lead, Level Design, Writing

Andreas Wilcox
Programming, Additional Design

Oliver Boson
Music, Voice-over editing


Christopher Papastefanou
as Oleg

Anneli Heed
as Elena


Aeron 'ThePeanutBaron' Allen
Alan 'Xlan' Kelly
Alex 'D3M0L1SH3R' Avdieichyk
Alex 'Ledalex' Forsberg
Andrew 'Gorgoth' Grant
Andrew 'Is' Green
Benjamin Dunbar
Ben Stoddard
Brandon 'MichiganSniper5' Case
Charlie Baxter
Connall 'Coble' Lindsay
Daniel 'Flux' Petterson
Daniel 'nptccv' Wilcox
Daniel 'Barba*Mamma' Rasmussen
Darren 'fox01313' Priddy
Davey 'Dragon-Guard' Hintzen
David 'Dejavo' Fornborg
David 'TheJais' Grytten
Erik 'lmaonade' Lenells
Ian 'Dr. Doozer' Wiese
Fredrik 'FoxtrotWhiskey' Wallin
Ilya 'Nils' Ryazanoff
James 'Lozenge' Lockman
Jamie 'Mr Happy' Lea
Jake 'Hoopz' Shipley
Jan 'Jack5500' Werder
Jasper Bagley
Jeremy 'Frere D'Arme' Agostini
Joakim 'Hoobler' Persson
Joakim 'Wiman' Wiman
Jonatan 'Husker' Nilsson
Josh Griffin
Juan Jose 'Asrafil' Stanizzo
Kevin 'Ghostings' Gill
Kevin 'SwiftingSpeed' Dahlberg
Maarten 'marnamai' Frooninckx
Magnus 'R3troguy' Hřgenni
Matt 'Boredest' Hodge
Matthew 'Ozymandias' Green
Mattias 'Handa' Ängehov
Michael 'Stratofarius' Lichand
Nick Hieter
Otmar de Wert
Rickard 'Leef' Nordberg
Robert 'Auxor' Wright
Robert 'Norrrland' Forsberg
Sam Combs
Sven 'Svenpa' Jonsson
Tamás 'medve a maci' Hovánszki
Tim 'Littleman123' Little
Tobias 'Tobbe' Hultgren
Tony 'v1ruZ' Kjolner
Victor 'IceRaiser' Laninge

Thanks to:

Adam Sklar - Hand Re-skin
Andrew Lewis
Frieder Erdmann
Sebastian Steiger


You require Steam and Half Life 2 Episode Two in order to play this game (for more information on Steam, please click here).

Installation instructions are bundled with
the mod download.

The Half-Life franchise is the property of Valve Software.


E-mail: precursormod@gmail.com


YouTube Page
ModDB Page
Patrick Murphy - Lead Developer
Christopher Papastefanou - Voice actor
Anneli Heed - Voice actor


If you have played the game we would very much appreciate if you submit feedback.

For reporting bugs, please e-mail us at precursormod@gmail.com.